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The Most Common Dental Problems

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Elmwood Dental Group
The Most Common Dental Problems One should boost oral hygiene to have a beautiful smile and fresh breath. Most people are unaware of what they should do to have healthy teeth and gums. Thus, they end up having recurring dental problems. Read more now to know the most common dental problems.

Gum Disease

It is easy to recognize gum diseases. Many signs will signal a person is suffering from gum disease. For example, swelling, bleeding, and also red gums.

The risk factors for gum diseases are pregnancy, skipping brushing, and tobacco use. Gum disease is sometimes painless hence why you should visit a dentist.

Tooth Decay

The acid from sugary foods causes bacteria that eat up the teeth' outer layer. The bacteria also harms the layer beneath the enamel and develops a hole in the tooth.

The most common symptoms of tooth decay are bad breath, toothache when eating, and black spots on the tooth. Visit the dentist and brush your teeth twice daily to prevent tooth decay.

Broken Teeth

Injury, grinding teeth, and eating hard food can break your teeth. It can be painful, especially when eating hard, hot or cold food. The solution is to visit our dentist to examine and determine the cure.

Our professional can help you choose to either crown the broken tooth or fill it. If the tooth is completely damaged, the dentist will opt to remove it. Our dentist will also prescribe medicine to ease the pain and prevent infections.

Root Infection

Root infection can be due to fractures in the tooth. The gum develops bacteria causing swelling. Root infection is dangerous as it damages the nerves of the tooth and tissues. The dentist will propose a root canal as the treatment. To avoid dental problems, come visit us and follow the instructions on oral hygiene.

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