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Cavities West Hartford CT

Translucent model of teeth showing red roots of a decaying tooth with cavity illustrated by The Elmwood Dental Group LLC in West Hartford, CTCavities are notorious for causing severe damage to your teeth. They cause permanent openings or tiny holes in your teeth that may lead to problems with eating and speaking. Suffice it to say, an untreated cavity can lead to severe tooth loss.

Over time, cavities get larger in appearance and may open you up to various other oral problems.

How Are Cavities Formed?

A cavity usually forms when the tooth's outer layer, known as the enamel, wears down. The best way to prevent a cavity is to simply maintain oral hygiene and have regular dental cleanings. Cavities often start on the surface of your teeth when they slowly erode your enamel. It may be possible to prevent tooth enamel erosion if you adopt good oral hygiene.

In general, there are five stages of tooth decay:

•  Demineralization
•  Erosion of your enamel
•  Dentin erosion
•  Damage to the pulp
•  Abscesses in the teeth

Patients with receding gums are often more prone to tooth decay. This is because receding gums make your teeth more vulnerable to damage from plaque and acid. Root decay is difficult to treat without the intervention of a dentist. Make sure to book an appointment with our dentists at The Elmwood Dental Group LLC to get your cavities treated.

The most common symptoms of tooth cavities include bad breath, bleeding in the gums, swelling, and toothache. Patients with cavities may be sensitive to hot or cold foods and beverages.

How Are Cavities Treated?

Treatment for cavities depends on the tooth and its severity. The most common treatments include sealants], fillings, and root canals.

Dental sealants provide a quick and easy way of protecting your teeth from cavities. They are highly efficient and can protect you from about 80% of cavities for years. The sealants work by creating a protective layer over your tooth enamel.

If the cavity has left permanent damage to your teeth, you may need to restore the damage with the help of a dental crown. Crowns are made from a variety of materials including porcelain and metal and can last for up to 15 years with good care.

Talk to our specialists Dr. Gomes and Dr. Patel to learn about your specific needs.

Dental Filling Process

Dental fillings are a restoration process that is used to fill the holes or gaps in your teeth due to cavities. Our dentists will analyze your specific situation and choose the most appropriate filling material for your tooth.

The first step is to examine the extent of damage to the teeth, often done with the help of an x-ray. This will help our dentist understand the location and severity of the tooth cavity. A local anesthetic is applied around the affected tooth to make the area numb and increase the patient's comfort levels throughout the procedure.

Why Choose Elmwood Dental Group?

At The Elmwood Dental Group LLC, we are fully committed to your oral health and well-being. Our staff treats each patient as a friend and strives to provide personalized care that lasts a lifetime. Our skilled dentists consistently exceed patient expectations by relying on advanced dental technology, providing transformative care that is more comfortable and safer for patients.

To learn more, call (833) 432-1457 and our friendly staff will reach out to you.

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