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Rendering of jaw with dental bridge from The Elmwood Dental Group LLC in West Hartford, CTIf you are missing any teeth, then you are in good company. Some 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Having gaps and spaces between your teeth can make you feel poorly about yourself, but a dental bridge can act as a lasting replacement for any missing teeth. Like their name indicates, dental bridges can help “bridge” any spaces that remain after tooth loss. This is important, as having missing teeth can lead to a variety of complications that can manifest later on in life. When we here at The Elmwood Dental Group LLC encounter a patient who is missing a tooth, we often recommend a dental bridge to these patients to give them a lasting and attractive alternative to other dental prosthesis options.

What is a Dental Bridge and Who Needs One?

If you are missing any teeth, then you probably understand how important it is to replace them. Your teeth do not serve just a cosmetic purpose. Of course, most people do want to have an attractive smile that is free of gaps and spaces, but having missing teeth can make it harder to eat, bite, or chew. When you lose a tooth, your remaining teeth may try to drift into the empty space, which can cause further tooth loss. Your face may also start to take on a prematurely aged, haggard appearance due to loss of volume and structure.

The most common type of bridge is known as a traditional bridge. This is recommended when you have at least one missing tooth. A traditional bridge starts with a crown on either side of the restoration, which helps support the bridge. The restoration, or the false tooth, is also known as a pontic. Getting a traditional bridge placed normally takes two appointments to finalize.

Dental Bridge Placement

During the first appointment, we will start by preparing the two supporting teeth, the ones that will have a crown placed on them. We will shape them down to make sure the crown fits securely over them. Once your teeth are ready, we will then take an impression of your mouth. This will be used to cast your bridge.

The impression is then sent to our lab, which will start the manufacture of your bridge. This can take up to two weeks, which is why we will fit you with a temporary bridge in the meanwhile. Once the bridge returns from our lab, we will make sure it is a good fit before we attach it with dental cement and cure it with a special type of ultraviolet light.

You will need to take extra measures to take care of your bridge. You will need to continue to brush and floss your teeth as usual, but you will need to make sure you floss between your bridge and your gum line to help prevent any gum disease or infection. If you take good care of your bridge, it can easily last you between ten to fifteen years.

We Can Help Fit You for a Dental Bridge

If you are interested in learning more about dental bridges, then we would love to discuss them with you further. To set up an appointment with us here at The Elmwood Dental Group LLC or to learn more, please give us a call at (833) 432-1457 today!

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