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Digital X-Rays West Hartford CT

Cone beam technology at The Elmwood Dental Group LLC in West Hartford, CTMedical science is a field which develops at a rapid pace. One of the reasons for this is the fact that it is such a critical service. This means that there is never-ending demand to improve treatments and upgrade technology. One such example of advanced technology in the dental field is digital radiography. This imaging method provides the clearest pictures and scans of a patient's mouth while still being much more efficient and convenient than traditional dental x-rays.

Dental X-Rays West Hartford

The oral health experts here at The Elmwood Dental Group LLC have plenty of training and experience to utilize these devices and offer our patients the most technologically advanced examinations and treatment processes available today as a result.

What is Digital Radiography?

Digital x-rays display the whole mouth in a single picture, so it is more detailed and easier to analyze than traditional x-rays. Panoramic x-rays are all external, so nothing must be placed in your mouth to get the image. We simply project the x-ray beam through the mouth and onto the film.

Not only does this provide a much more thorough idea of what we may be dealing with, it is also much more versatile in other ways as well. For instance, since it is a digital image it can easily be added to and stored with the patients' electronic file. It eliminates the need for bulky machinery, as well as the dark rooms and chemicals needed to develop the image.

The convenience goes far beyond in-house advantages as well. This type of imagery can be easily sent to dental specialists or insurance companies to make other steps of the dental care process much quicker and easier.

What Can Dental X-Rays Reveal?

Dental x-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool that can reveal various aspects of oral health, including: cavities, gum disease, tooth infections, impacted teeth, bone abnormalities, tooth decay, sinus issues, and jaw conditions. X-rays can also be helpful with orthodontic planning and determining treatment.

Before we can perform dental implant surgery, we need to check the health of your jawbone and underlying tissues. There are several ways we can do this, but digital panoramic x-rays are often preferred.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Digital x-rays are considered safe. They offer several advantages over traditional film x-rays, including reduced radiation exposure, faster image acquisition, and improved image quality. Modern equipment and techniques further minimize risks. Discuss any concerns with your dentist to ensure safety during x-ray procedures.

How it Can Help With Your Dental Treatments and General Care

Regardless of the technology that is behind it, the only thing that matters to you is how it can help to improve your overall oral health. The fact is that with such an advanced method of examining a patient's mouth and more specifically, each individual tooth and region through detailed digital imagery, our dentist can identify concerns much sooner than with traditional scans. This fact alone makes our dental care routines much more efficient.

Why Choose Elmwood Dental Group?

Digital radiography is an incredible tool to aid in the preventative care and oral health maintenance of any patient. To find out more about how it can improve your dental wellness, simply give us a call here at The Elmwood Dental Group LLC. The clinic phone number is (833) 432-1457.

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Detecting issues with digital x-rays before they become problematic can save you financially in the long run. Call or visit to schedule an appointment today!
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